If you are involved in a tractor-trailer/motorcycle accident, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic or even life-threatening. Knowing what to do after a serious injury accident can help ensure your safety and improve your chances of making a successful recovery. If the accident wasn’t your… Read on

Apr 13, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Motorcycle accidents can have serious consequences compared to car accidents. They have a higher fatality rate and are more likely to permanently disable the rider because motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars. Some of the risks inherent in riding motorcycles include: Less visibility because… Read on

Mar 18, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

If you have suffered a burn injury, your settlement amount depends on a number of factors. These factors include: How the accident happened,  The severity of the burn injury, and  Who caused the burn.  Severe pain, permanent scarring, and disfigurement will likely increase your settlement… Read on

Mar 17, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Determining child custody is often a difficult and emotional process for parents and for children. In some cases, parents can agree to a custody arrangement without court intervention. Courts must intervene if the parents cannot reach an understanding. Arkansas child custody laws determine child custody… Read on

Dec 19, 19 // Posted in Articles & Advice

If a health care professional injured you during medical treatment, you could have a claim for medical malpractice. To bring a medical malpractice lawsuit in Mississippi, you must file the case within specified deadlines. The statute of limitations provides the deadlines for filing your claim. … Read on

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