Auto accidents happen every day, but that doesn’t make them normal or routine. First-timers especially can feel overwhelmed trying to handle claims and their own recovery. The good news is that most car accident claims are solved through the settlement process. However, there are some… Read on

Oct 21, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Any auto accident can be a stressful experience, and this is especially true for expecting mothers. After all, even minor, low-impact collisions can still cause injury. A mom’s body is designed to protect their little one, but it’s only natural to worry in times like… Read on

Oct 14, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

What to do if You Were in a Dog Attack in Mississippi Dog bites are some of the worst accidents that can strike unsuspecting people. Larger dogs can bite, tear, twist, and crush limbs. Even smaller dogs can take a big bite out of your… Read on

Jun 25, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

If you were hit by a semi-truck, there are a number of things you should do immediately following the accident. Ensuring your safety and seeking immediate medical treatment, if necessary, are essential. If you’ve been hit by a truck in Mississippi or Arkansas, you should… Read on

Jun 17, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

If you are involved in a tractor-trailer/motorcycle accident, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic or even life-threatening. Knowing what to do after a serious injury accident can help ensure your safety and improve your chances of making a successful recovery. If the accident wasn’t your… Read on

Apr 13, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Motorcycle accidents can have serious consequences compared to car accidents. They have a higher fatality rate and are more likely to permanently disable the rider because motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars. Some of the risks inherent in riding motorcycles include: Less visibility because… Read on

Mar 18, 20 // Posted in Articles & Advice