A car accident is a jarring experience, and once the shock of the crash wears off, questions start to arise about fault and payment for the accident. The single largest factor affecting the outcome of your claims after an auto accident is whether the other… Read on

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[2019] Best Tips for Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Mississippi Lawyers have a bad reputation with the public, which is unfortunate. This reputation is not really deserved since lawyers are more closely regulated than almost any other profession. Suffering an injury can be… Read on

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These are the TOP personal injury questions to ask during your consultation Filing a personal injury claim is a big undertaking and one that can have a profound effect on your future. Indeed, the outcome of a personal injury claim may yield the damages that… Read on

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In some states, determining fault in a car accident isn’t critical; drivers are required to carry no-fault insurance, which pays for their injuries regardless of whose negligence caused the crash. In Mississippi, this is not the case; instead, Mississippi maintains a traditional tort liability system… Read on

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