Filing for Divorce in Mississpii If you need immediate help, the experienced divorce attorneys are ready to talk today, please reach out. Before you file for divorce in Mississippi it helps to identify your goals for the future. You may know that you want your… Read on

Sep 21, 18 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Regardless of a parent’s relationship to their former spouse, they are still obligated to support their children. This is true regardless of whether or not you have custody and does not depend on your right to visitation. Each state defines how much a non-custodial parent… Read on

Sep 18, 18 // Posted in Articles & Advice

Mississippi, like other states, has created a body of law to determine child custody and visitation. If you are divorcing, or if you have a child with someone you are not married to, then you will need to consider how the law affects your situation…. Read on

Jul 18, 18 // Posted in Articles & Advice