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While dogs are typically considered as man’s best friend, an abused or neglected dog can be a dangerous threat. Dog owners have a responsibility properly train their dog or provide ample warning that their pet has the potential to harm others. If a dog owner fails to uphold their duty by demonstrating negligence, an injured victim is able to file a lawsuit against him/her.

If you have been suffered severe injuries due to a dog attack, our Greenville MS personal injury lawyer can help you recover your entitled compensation. We have extensive knowledge of state laws and court proceedings to get the results you want in order to make a full recovery from your injuries.

Establishing Liability in a Dog Bite Case

Mississippi doesn’t have a particular statute which covers dog bite cases. However, the state has a “one bite” rule that is based on case law, which holds dog owners liable for any attacks or injuries if they knew about the dog’s inclination toward violence or if the dog previously bit someone before the incident occurred. In 1973, the Mississippi Supreme Court established the elements of recovering compensation for a dog bite attack in the Poy v. Grayson case.

In order to properly recover damages, the victim must demonstrate:

  1. The dog “exhibited some dangerous propensity or disposition prior to the attack,”
  2. The owner “knew or reasonably should have known of this dangerous propensity or disposition,” and
  3. The owner knew or reasonably should have foreseen that the dog would attack an individual or a group of people.

However, a prior bite is not necessary to prove dangerousness. Other aggressive behaviors by dogs include growling, snarling, and aggressively lunging at individuals.

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