Mississippi Motorcycle Laws

Mississippi Motorcycle Laws

Riding a motorcycle on the open highway is one of the great thrills of life. We can’t blame anyone for wanting to take up riding a bike as a hobby.

However, Mississippi closely regulates motorcyclists, so you need to understand the law before you hit the open road.

Below, we highlight some of the more important Mississippi motorcycle laws so that you won’t get arrested.

Licensing Requirements

Mississippi Code § 63-1-6 states that no one can drive or operate a motorcycle without getting an operator’s license that includes a motorcycle endorsement. There are exemptions for people who rent scooters near a university, which can be found at section 63-1-6.1.

To obtain an endorsement, you first need a driver’s license in Mississippi. Then you can obtain a permit that is temporary.

Mississippi motorcycle laws also require that you take a motorcycle knowledge test and have your bike inspected, whereupon you can receive an endorsement that is good for 4 or 8 years.

Motorcycle Safety

You need to have a bike that is safe for the open road. The state has several laws that relate to bike safety:

  • The Mississippi helmet law can be found in section 63-7-64. It states that no person can operate or ride on a motorcycle without wearing a crash helmet. The helmet must meet federal standards, in particular the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218. If you are caught without a helmet, then under section 63-9-11, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor, fined up to $100, and sentenced to up to 10 days in jail. Penalties increase for subsequent convictions.
  • Every motorcycle needs one brake, which can be operated by foot or by hand. This should not be a problem, since bikes in Mississippi aren’t sold without brakes.
  • Every motorcycle must have at least one headlamp. There can be no more than two headlamps, which provide adequate lighting.

After buying a bike, you should have a mechanic check it to make sure that it is in good working order. Too many accidents are caused by motorcycles that are defective or are not working properly.

Operate Your Motorcycle Safely

All riders need to follow the rules of the road. To this end, the state requires that riders follow the Motorcycle Operator Manual created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You should know this manual and all the rules of the road.

Always follow the law. Many motorcyclists are rightfully upset when motorists don’t yield the right of way or slow down when approaching intersections. At the same time, motorcyclists need to follow the rules if they want others to.

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Motorcycle accidents have many causes. Sometimes a defective bike contributes to a crash. In other situations, a negligent driver plows straight into a motorcyclist, causing injury.

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