What to Do If You Slip and Fall in a Store

While slipping and falling to the ground is something we all avoid, it typically happens to everyone at some point in life. Most people do not anticipate suffering a serious injury when they slip and fall. However, the National Floor Institute reported that falls account for over eight million emergency room visits annually. While some falls occur by accident, others may happen due to negligent maintenance by a property owner. If you suffered an injury after a slip and fall accident, the property owner might be liable for any damages you incur. Our advice on what to do if you slip and fall in a store is detailed below. 

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Slip and Fall Claims: An Overview

A slip and fall case arises from the legal theory of premises liability. Premises liability means that a property owner is responsible for accidents on their property in some situations. Owners owe individuals they invite onto their premises a duty of care to keep it reasonably safe. When property owners neglect to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition, they breach their duty of care to their guests. If someone suffers an injury due to the property owner’s breach, the injured party can file suit against the property owner to recover their damages. The injured party bears the burden of proving that the property owner’s negligence directly caused the accident and that the accident resulted in financial harm.

What Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents?

A property owner can breach their duty to keep their property safe for guests in many ways, such as:

  • Leaving drink or food spills exposed,
  • Failing to provide warnings for wet or icy conditions,
  • Failing to remove debris from walkways,
  • Not including adequate lighting in stairways, or
  • Failing to warn of open and obvious dangers.

Every slip and fall case is different, so we cannot accurately estimate the value of your case until we review the details. Contact Harris Law Firm today so we can start reviewing your case.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall in a Store

If you slip and fall in a store, embarrassment might tempt you to leave the store as soon as possible and never return. But don’t let pride get in the way of getting the compensation you deserve. The evidence most helpful to your premises liability claim will likely vanish if you leave the scene. Here are some steps you can take to preserve your slip and fall claim.

Notify a Store Manager

After a slip and fall accident inside a store, you should inform the store manager about the circumstances of your fall and any injuries you sustained. Keeping the fall to yourself will hurt your chance of recovery. You can document your report to the manager by recording your interaction or asking for a written statement.

Seek Medical Attention

If you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident, you need to document those injuries. You can document your injuries by going to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic. The medical records from your visit will help establish proof of the injuries you suffered and the costs you incurred for your premises liability claim.

Gather Relevant Evidence

Showing the circumstances that caused your fall is a crucial part of proving liability in a slip and fall claim. You can document the scene by taking photos and videos of the location where you fell. You can also collect statements from eyewitnesses, if available. Typically, you want to collect evidence of these circumstances as soon as possible to ensure you have an accurate picture. If you wait too long, the store manager might fix the condition that caused your fall, leaving you without proof of their negligence.

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