Average settlement for slip and fall in Mississippi

Wherever it happens, a slip and fall accident is no joke. Whether you fall on a set of stairs in a hotel or slip on a wet floor at the store, injuries can be severe and leave lasting damage. If you are injured, you may be wondering about the average slip and fall settlement amount. 

The truth in any state, including Mississippi, is that slip and fall settlement amounts vary from case to case. This variation is because there is no “average” accident. Each accident and injury is unique. Because of this, there is no average payout for a slip and fall injury.

One thing is clear—if you have a slip and fall injury, you deserve compensation. To give you an idea of what impacts slip and fall settlements’ size, we explain possibly the most impactful factor that impacts a slip and fall accident’s settlement amount: the type of damages you suffered.

Types of Damages in Slip and Fall Accidents

After an accident, the type of damages you claim can have a major impact on slip and fall settlement amounts. While not a steadfast rule, if a claim is for economic (tangible) damages alone and includes no non-economic (intangible) damages, the average slip and fall compensation decreases.

The same can be true for a claim that involves non-economic damages alone. When the two “stack” on top of each other in a given claim, a slip and fall injury settlement is typically greater in amount than a similar case that claims only one type of damages. 

On top of economic and non-economic damages, there is also the possibility of punitive damages. If punitive damages are part of a claim, the average settlement for a slip and fall injury goes up.

Punitive damages do not compensate an injured party for their injury. Instead, they are meant to punish someone for acting intentionally or recklessly. Because of their function, punitive damages can be quite substantial.

Punitive damages typically require a showing of fraud, malice, or intent to be included in a settlement and are not often a part of a slip and fall out of court settlement. As a result, punitive damages are much less common than economic and non-economic damages.

Numerous other factors can impact any settlement amount. However, the types of damages you claim will always profoundly impact the average settlement for a slip and fall injury.

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