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What are the Typical Settlement Amounts for Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bite injuries range anywhere from very serious to superficial. In some cases they are fatal.

What often gets overlooked is the trauma of the incident itself. Even when the wounds are relatively superficial the panic and trauma of the incident can last a lifetime.

So it isn’t easy to put a specific number of what your average dog bite case settlement looks like. Instead, we can take a look at some of the variables that need to be addressed when assessing the value of your lawsuit.

Your Attorney’s Job is to Maximize the Value of Your Dog Bite Lawsuit Settlement

Your attorney will look at a number of factors when assessing the potential value of an injury lawsuit. Regardless of how minor the injury is, you will need to go to the hospital and have the wound treated.

Dogs’ saliva has a number of bacteria in it and these can lead to infection. So at the very low end, you’re looking at a trip to urgent care or an emergency room to have the wound treated and looked at. You will likely need antibiotics as well.

Dog bites generally occur on the limbs. An aggressive dog gets out and attacks a passerby who immediately puts his arm up to defend himself. The dog grabs hold of the arm and that’s where the injuries are.

These injuries can be quite severe depending on the breed. For instance, a dog that grabs a hold of someone’s leg can rupture their Achilles tendon. This can take months to heal and in some cases, the damage may be permanent.

The same holds true for the arms. If a dog’s bite is deep enough it can do permanent nerve damage.

Can I File a Claim for a Dog Bite a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Most dog injuries happen on or around the owner’s home. In some cases, they happen in public places like a park. If the dog bite occurs around the dog owner’s home, then the claim is made against their homeowner’s insurance policy. If not, then you must sue the owner of the dog directly.

What Damages am I Entitled To?

You are entitled to recover your medical expenses and any other financial expenses related to the dog bite. In addition, if you have to miss time from work, you’re entitled to collect for lost wages.

When there is a permanent injury, like nerve damage, you may be entitled to a lot more than the dog owner’s policy limit. You are entitled to collect for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and if the injury prevents you from doing things you once enjoyed, you’re entitled to collect for that as well.

Talk to an Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney about a Dog Bite Case Settlement

The attorneys at the Harris Law Firm are adept at getting the maximum value for every case we take. Our job is to ensure that all your injuries are compensated for—not just your medical expenses. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, give the attorneys at the Harris Law Firm a call or contact us online and we can begin preparing your lawsuit immediately.

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