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Harris Law Firm, PLLC has represented countless of individuals who have been injured in a serious truck accident case, and many other personal injury matters. We know that trucking companies go to great measures to shield themselves from liability. Despite this, it may still be evident that negligent hiring may be the root cause of an accident.

Negligent hiring is one of the largest causes of truck accidents, so if you believe that this may have been the cause of your accident, please contact our Greenville truck accident attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

What Is Negligent Hiring?

Trucking companies can be liable for hiring inexperienced drivers or fail to provide adequate training. They have the duty of ensuring drivers are ready to take on the rigors of the job and maintain safety practices. All too often, we have seen accidents caused by simply being unaware of how best to control the vehicle. Other negligent hiring practices may be to blame as well.

Some examples of negligent hiring practices:

  • Failing to conduct drug testing
  • Failing to perform thorough background checks
  • Failure to discipline drivers for any past violations
  • Failing to inquire about the employee’s driving history or asking about past accidents
  • Failing to validate the employee’s education, training, certifications, and licenses
  • Failing to provide adequate training and review of procedures

After an accident, you may be wondering what should come next in your case. Should you take action against the driver or the trucking company? In a negligent hiring case, you would most likely bring forth a suit against the company for any of these poor practices. Our Greenville truck accident lawyers may be able to help you discern what would be a case of negligent hiring or not.

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