Providing Aggressive Representation in Injury Claims

A spine injury resulting in paralysis or quadriplegia will change your life and the life of your surrounding family members forever. An entire social and family network will need to conform to caring for you for the rest of your lifetime. The future for an individual like yourself who has suffered from a paralysis injury is often uncertain and the cost of medical care can be tremendous and financially devastating.

Paralysis injuries can be catastrophic and life changing, which is why hiring an attorney to represent you in a claim is so important. At Harris Law Firm, PLLC, our Greenville personal injury lawyers are here not only to help you file a claim but to provide you with compassionate support.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

When a catastrophic injury leaves you unable to work, with huge medical bills and confusion about what options you have, the attorneys and team at our firm are here to help you. We recognize that you and your family are going through one of the most difficult and anxiety-filled experiences of your lives. Because of that, we do everything we can to help you recover fair and full compensation and keep the legal process as stress-free as possible.

The cost of medical care and treatment for paralysis extends well beyond the cost of immediate hospitalization. The patient will require extended physical and occupational therapy, at home nursing care, continued medical care, transportation needs, and more. Settlements and jury awards for lawsuits involving paralysis often involve Millions of Dollars because the financial needs are so great, not only to compensate the victim for lost mobility but for life-care needs for the entire family.

We focus on recovering compensation to cover your expenses for a lifetime of care, including:

  • Ongoing surgeries and medical treatment
  • Personal care assistance
  • Medical equipment for occupational and transportation needs
  • Physical therapy and life skills training
  • Psychotherapy to handle psychological trauma and emotional depression

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