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When you lose a body part, it can result in physical and psychological issues that require comprehensive rehabilitation and adjustments to daily activities. Not only do you have to get used to living life without the body part or using a prosthetic, the medical expenses are enough to cause extreme stress. If you lost a limb due to the negligent actions of another party, it is imperative to seek legal representation from an experienced and trustworthy personal injury attorney.

At Harris Law Firm PLLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients recover their entitled compensations. With over 30 years of experience, our Greenville injury lawyer has an extensive understanding of Mississippi laws and court processes in order to guide you through every step of the way during your case. Do not hesitate to get the legal assistance necessary to get the financial help to begin life after amputation.

Types of Amputation

Amputation is defined as a traumatic or surgical removal of a body part due to severe nerve or tissue damage. When the loss of limb occurs in situations related to blunt force trauma, the injury typically requires immediate emergency treatment because of bleeding, shock, pain, and to help save any detached body parts.

The following are common types of amputation:

  • Complete amputation – If a body part is fully severed
  • Incomplete amputation – If a body part remains partially attached
  • Degloving – If the skin is separated from the body tissue underneath

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Our Greenville MS injury lawyer understands that most amputees struggle with a variety of physical and emotional adjustments which may take years to manage effectively. With our help, we are capable of giving you the financial means necessary to make the best possible recovery.