motorcycle vs truck accident

If you are involved in a tractor-trailer/motorcycle accident, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic or even life-threatening.

Knowing what to do after a serious injury accident can help ensure your safety and improve your chances of making a successful recovery.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve compensation for your damages.

Following these steps after a motorcycle vs. truck crash can help protect your legal rights and give you the best chance of recovering a fair settlement.

If your injury accident happened in Mississippi, call on the truck accident lawyers at the Harris Law Firm today for help.

Steps to Follow If You Are in a Truck and Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists have little protection under the best of circumstances. If you get into an accident with a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, you face serious risk. Take these steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

Step No. 1: Get to Safety and Seek Medical Attention

If you are able to move, get well off the road to a safe spot and call 911. Request emergency medical attention even if you don’t believe you sustained serious injuries. After a serious crash, you could be in shock and unaware of potential injury.

Step No. 2: Document the Scene and Gather Evidence

If possible, take photos of everything you can—especially the other vehicle(s) involved. If witnesses are present, collect their contact information. Exchange information with the tractor-trailer driver and record any identifying information painted on the vehicle.

Step No. 3: Do Not Discuss Fault

Give the police the information they need for their report, but stick to the facts. Even if you believe you might have contributed to the crash, do not admit fault. You cannot know what actually happened during the crash or in the moments leading up to it.

Step No. 4: Seek Medical Treatment

Even if the paramedics examined you at the accident scene, visit the emergency room or your doctor immediately for a full evaluation. Internal injuries and soft tissue damage may not be evident, and it’s important to get any treatment you need immediately. Seeking a doctor is also the best way to document your injuries for use in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Determining Legal Responsibility for a Motorcycle vs. Truck Accident

If another motorist caused an accident, it’s easier to establish fault than it is with a commercial tractor-trailer. The driver could be at fault, but other parties, including the trucking company, the shipper, and the equipment manufacturers, may also have caused or contributed to the crash.

Talking to a personal injury attorney can help ensure that the responsible party or parties are held accountable for their wrongful or negligent actions.

Talk to a Motorcycle or Truck Accident Lawyer ASAP

Acting quickly after a motorcycle and tractor-trailer accident may be the only way to ensure that critical evidence is preserved. Trucking companies have a high degree of potential liability in a crash, and the involved parties may attempt to minimize their exposure.

An injury accident lawyer can take steps to ensure the preservation of all relevant evidence.

Having an attorney will also help protect your legal rights. 

The insurance company may request a recorded statement from you. If you provide a statement, they can use anything you say against you to minimize their liability or deny your claim.

The insurance company may also offer you a minimal settlement, hoping to make the problem go away. If you accept a low settlement, you could sacrifice your legal right to recover the compensation you deserve for your damages.

Consult a Mississippi Semi-Truck Motorcycle Lawyer Today

The Mississippi personal injury attorneys of the Harris Law Firm understand the importance of investigating and documenting your case thoroughly. We help protect your rights and negotiate with the insurance company to help get you the settlement you deserve.

We practice throughout the entire state of Mississippi, and we can meet you at your home, at the hospital, or anywhere that is most convenient for you.

We offer a free consultation and case review to help you get started with the legal process. Call us at 662-262-8114 or contact us online now to talk to an experienced attorney about your tractor-trailer/motorcycle accident.

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