Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips You Should Know in Arkansas

Many people enjoy the freedom felt while riding a motorcycle on the open road. Unfortunately, with this freedom comes danger. Sharing the road with trucks, cars, and other motorcyclists presents serious risks, and motorcyclists tend to suffer more severe accident injuries. In 2020 alone, 5,579 motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents. Fortunately, you can avoid many accidents through education and awareness. Read the following list of safety tips for motorcycle riding. All motorcyclists should consider using these safety tips while riding a motorcycle to reduce their chances of getting injured in an accident. 

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips 

Motorcyclists should always ride cautiously, especially in heavy traffic, as obstacles and dangers may suddenly appear without warning. Motorcycles provide less protection than cars and can easily fit into the blind spots of other drivers, so it’s extremely important to make your ride as safe as you can. There are a few basic precautions every motorcycle rider should take the next time they go for a ride. These motorcycle safety tips apply to group riding and solo rides.

Wear a Helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. You are more likely to suffer a severe head injury in an accident if you choose not to wear a helmet. Additional protective gear most riders should consider wearing include goggles, gloves, leather pants and jacket, and boots. 

Drive Sober

Those who ride their motorcycle intoxicated have a greater chance of getting into a collision. Alcohol and drug consumption impair cognitive function and reduce coordination, concentration, and emergency response time. In addition to being against the law, riding a motorcycle while intoxicated is incredibly dangerous.   

Drive Responsibly

Share the road and follow all traffic laws. Arkansas law does not specifically address the legality of lane-splitting, but you should still avoid it because it’s dangerous. To keep yourself safe while riding a motorcycle, you should not occupy two lanes at once or ride past cars during slow traffic by squeezing into tight spots. 

Maintain Your Motorcycle 

Maintaining your motorcycle in good working order helps keep you safe on every ride. You should frequently check the engine, body, and tires of your motorcycle to ensure there are no faulty or defective parts. A sudden malfunction while riding could have catastrophic consequences not only for you but for those around you. 

Avoid Road Hazards 

When riding, be vigilant of road hazards, such as fallen branches, potholes, debris, loose gravel, rough roads, ice, and water. Hitting these hazards at high speeds could cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. It’s vital to follow all safety tips for motorcycle riding, especially in the rain. Slick roads and reduced braking efficiency make rain particularly hazardous for motorcycle riders. When it’s raining, drive at slower speeds and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to reduce your chances of having an accident. 

What Laws Must Arkansas Motorcyclists Obey?

One of the most important safety tips for motorcycle riding is to abide by all Arkansas laws. Various laws have been passed to protect motorcyclists from harm. Arkansas motorcycle laws include the following:

  • All motorcyclists must wear eye protection,
  • Daytime headlights are required, 
  • No motorcyclists can carry a passenger under the age of eight,
  • People under the age of 16 cannot carry a passenger, 
  • More than two people may not ride on a motorcycle, and
  • Motorcyclists under the age of 21 must wear a helmet. 

Although Arkansas law does not require riders over the age of 21 to wear a helmet, wearing one when operating a motorcycle is strongly advised. Additionally, all motorcyclists must pass a written and road test. 

What To Do After a Motorcycle Crash

It may be hard to know what to do after you suffer a motorcycle crash. However, taking any of the following steps can help protect your rights if you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Seek medical care;
  • Exchange names, contact information, and insurance information with all involved parties; 
  • Report the accident to local law enforcement; 
  • Gather evidence, including photographs, witness statements, and contact information of witnesses; and 
  • Inform your insurance company about the accident. 

If you believe your accident may have been caused by someone else’s negligence, taking any of the steps mentioned above can help your attorney build a stronger case on your behalf. 

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