Posted on: Sep 11, 2019

What You Should Know About the Mississippi Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations in ms

Statutes of limitations are laws which designate time limits relating to the duration of time you have to file a civil lawsuit, such as a personal injury lawsuit, or a prosecute someone for committing a crime.

These deadlines typically depend on the legal claim and vary from state to state.

The time period for a personal injury claim starts on the date the incident and your injury occurs. Once the statute of limitations has expired, you are no longer able to file a lawsuit.

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The following are the statues of limitations in Mississippi for various civil claims according to Title 15, Chapter 1 of the Mississippi Code of 1972:

  • Assault and Battery – one year (Miss. Code § 15-1-35)
    • Contract (in writing) – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Contract (oral or not in writing) – one or three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-29)
    • False Imprisonment – one year (Miss. Code § 15-1-35)
    • Fraud – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Enforcing Court Judgements – seven years (Miss. Code §§ 15-1-43 and 15-1-45)
    • Legal Malpractice – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Libel – one year (Miss. Code $ 15-1-35)
    • Medical Malpractice – two or seven years, based on when the injury is “discovered” (Miss. Code § 15-1-36)
    • Personal Injury – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Product Liability – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Property Damage – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Slander – one year (Miss. Code § 15-1-35)
    • Trespass – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)
    • Wrongful Death – three years (Miss. Code § 15-1-49)

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