Mississippi Car Insurance Laws

Have you ever tried to get around Mississippi without a car? It’s not easy, which means that maintaining a well-functioning vehicle is essential. 

Of course, you must possess a valid driver’s license and have auto insurance to legally drive on Mississippi roads.

You may wonder about the specifics of Mississippi auto insurance laws. Keep reading for answers to these Mississippi car insurance laws questions:

  • Why do you need auto insurance?
  • What type of insurance do you need?
  • What are the penalties for not carrying insurance?

Why Do You Need Auto Insurance?

Mississippi follows a fault-based system for accident liability. This means that the person responsible for the accident is responsible for the expenses resulting from the crash. Accident related expenses include the victim’s medical expenses, auto repair costs, and reimbursement for lost income.

A car accident victim in Mississippi has three options for obtaining payment for damages.

  1. Filing a claim with his or her insurance company. The injured party’s insurance company will then file a subrogation (or substitution) claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.
  2. Filing a claim directly with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  3. Filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver in civil court.

Accident expenses can quickly add up. Mississippi state law requires you to carry auto insurance so that you can pay for damages that you cause while driving.

What Type of Insurance Do You Need?

Carrying auto insurance serves an important purpose. If you violate Mississippi auto insurance laws, you could face stiff financial consequences in the event of an accident. In Mississippi, you need liability insurance. This liability insurance needs to have:

  • $25,000 coverage for bodily injury or death of one person
  • $50,000 coverage for total bodily injury and death
  • $25,000 coverage for property damage

Of course, you may choose to carry higher values of auto insurance. Your auto loan lender may also require you to cover your automobile with full replacement value coverage. 

Mississippi car insurance laws allow drivers to post a bond or make a cash or security deposit instead of insurance. While these options meet state law for auto insurance, most drivers purchase insurance. 

What are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance?

Driving without insurance in Mississippi is illegal, and it could come with the following consequences:

  • Misdemeanor conviction
  • Fine of $500
  • Suspension of driving for a year

In addition to these criminal penalties, an injured accident victim can sue you in civil court. You will face court costs and damages costs for the other driver’s medical bills, auto repairs, and lost wages. Some courts may even force you to reimburse the accident victim for their pain and suffering.

Need Legal Help for Failure to Carry Auto Insurance?

Were you involved in an accident when you or the other driver did not have auto insurance? If so, you’re probably worried about how to get out of a legal and financial mess. We can help.

Our experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys will offer the best legal strategy for your case. Call us for a free consultation at (662) 237-3869 or email us today.


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