As the 2016 holiday season rolls in, friends and families participate in fun activities like stringing Christmas lights, lighting candles, and purchasing Christmas trees. While some of these activities seem commonplace, if not safety precautions are not followed, they can actually be quite dangerous.

  • Christmas Lights: Before you start on your perfect Christmas light display, make sure to check each string for frays, loose connections, or bulbs that need replacing.
  • Lights out: Never leave the Christmas lights on when you leave the house or while you sleep. In fact, one of the best investments you could invest in this year is an outdoor timer to turn on and off your Christmas lights.
  • Outdoor lighting: As you hang your Christmas lights, make sure any electrical connectors are off the ground. Also, make sure the connections are not installed near rain gutters.
  • Finding the Perfect Tree: As you and your family head out to pick your perfect Christmas tree, make sure you find one that is fresh. Dried out Christmas trees can be a serious
  • Extension Cord Safety: When creating your perfect holiday home decorations, remember never to plug multiple extension cords into each other. If you need a longer extension cord, pick one up at your local hardware store.
  • Ladder Safety: If you are using a ladder to install your lights, or even put up indoor Christmas decorations, check that your ladder is certified as safe. If you have friends or family helping you, ask them to hold the bottom of the ladder while you climb to reduce the risk of toppling over.
  • Check Smoke detectors: You should test your smoke detectors monthly to make sure they are in working order. If your smoke detectors use batteries, make a note to change the batteries every Christmas as batteries should be changed yearly.

We at Harris Law Firm, PLLC hope you and your family have a happy, injury-free holiday season.


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