In Mississippi, trucks must adhere to strict weight regulations for the safety of other motorists. When a truck is overloaded with cargo, it can put the truck driver’s life, as well as the lives of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, in imminent danger.

Overloaded trucks tend to struggle when steering, take longer to slow down and increase the risk of tipping or rolling over. Even when you are driving your car, you are capable of determining if a truck is overloaded or not.

The following are common signs that you’re encountering an overloaded truck in MS:

  • The truck appears to be overloaded. You can typically tell a truck is carrying more than it should when the cargo is stacked over the top of the truck or is bulging over the sides.
  • The truck is experiencing difficulty maintaining control. When a truck is carrying a heavy load, the steering capabilities are often jeopardized. Overloaded trucks struggle to maintain a straight path and regain control after avoiding an obstacle on the road.
  • The truck struggles to slow down. The heavier the load, the more difficult it is to slow down. If you spot a truck that is braking but taking a while to slow down, then the truck must be carrying too much weight.
  • The truck’s suspension springs are compressed. If a truck bounces when it’s carrying a load, it means that it is within weight restrictions. However, if the suspension springs on the wheels are compressed, then the truck has been overloaded.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an overloaded truck, contact Harris Law Firm PLLC and request a free consultation with our Mississippi & Arkansas truck accident lawyer today. you can also call us at 877-714-4171.


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