In today’s busy world, many drivers find themselves distracted on the road. Whether drivers are changing their song on Spotify, texting their friends, or playing Pokémon Go, driving distracted is driving negligently and driving negligently can result in injury. This means that even careful cyclists can find themselves in an accident. In this situation it is important to talk to a Greenville MS Personal Injury Attorney.

Common Bike Accidents

While it is impossible to eliminate the risk of injury when cycling altogether, being aware of the most common types of accidents can help you know how to avoid them.

The Right Cross

Driveways can generally pose a risk to bikers as drivers often pull out without looking. Certain driveways such as alley ways parking lots with obstructed views can greatly reduce a driver’s visibility. This type of accident occurs when a driver turns out of an intersection without first looking for a biker. The result is often cutting off, or hitting a cyclist.

The Right Hook

Another accident that is caused by driver negligence is the right hook. The right hook happens when a driver fails to check for bicyclists before turning right in an intersection. If the driver turns too close to a rider it can cause the rider to strike the car and can result in serious injury.

The Door Prize

Depicted often in sitcoms, the door prize is an accident that occurs when a driver or passenger of a parked car open their door in front of a cyclist. This negligent act can cause great harm to a cyclist as it can cause them to crash head on to vehicle’s door. As parked cars and bike riders share the same area of the road, it is crucial that they watch out for bikers.


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