What to Do if You Have Back After a Car Accident

back pain after car accident

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms suffered by those who are injured in car accidents.

In fact, nearly half of all motorists who are involved in rear-end and side-impact collisions suffer from back pain following their crashes.

Unfortunately, back pain could be indicative of a serious injury to the spine, especially following a collision, so it is important for car accident victims to see a doctor as soon as possible after their crash.

Taking this step may seem unnecessary, but can prove crucial to recovering compensation at a later date. Speaking with an experienced Mississippi car accident lawyer may also be required.

So, if you were injured in a collision in Mississippi and are suffering back pain after a car accident, please contact one of our dedicated attorneys to learn more about your legal options.

What’s Causing My Back Pain?

There are a variety of painful medical conditions that can arise after a car accident, but most stem from muscle strains and tears caused by the motion of having one’s head snap forward upon impact. This can place strain on the joints and muscles surrounding the spine, resulting in inflammation and pain.

Although less common, some car accident victims suffer damage to the bone structure of their spine, facet joints, and spinal discs, all of which can cause significant pain that radiates from the neck to the lower back.


Whiplash is one of the most common causes of car accident-related back pain and occurs when the head is jerked backward and forward, thereby straining the tendons and ligaments in the neck, upper back, and shoulders. The soft tissues in the neck and upper back are extremely flexible, which gives us a wide range of motion that allows us to turn our heads.

Unfortunately, this flexibility, combined with a lack of stability makes it much more likely that these muscles and tendons will be injured in the event of a collision. When this occurs, the affected person could suffer from pain and stiffness in the upper back, neck, and shoulders, in addition to:

  • Headaches at the base of the skull;
  • Nausea;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Dizziness; and
  • Fatigue.

Although in most cases, this pain is caused by injury to a person’s soft tissue, it is also possible to suffer from more serious conditions like advanced degenerative disc disease, stenosis, fractures, and herniated discs.

Herniated Discs

The spine is made up of a number of bones called vertebrae, which are cushioned by soft discs filled with a gelatinous material. When these discs rupture, the jelly-like center can leak, irritating nearby nerves and causing back pain.

Although herniated discs can occur due to degenerative disease and age, they can also be caused by placing a significant amount of pressure on the discs through a traumatic impact. Symptoms usually include severe pain in the neck and back, which can be treated through rest, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and surgery.

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