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average workers' comp settlement

Despite our best efforts to make the workplace as safe as possible, accidents still happen, and people suffer injuries at work.

Employers are liable for injuries that happen in their workplace. Thus, a workplace injury typically leads to a workers’ comp claim

Most often, a workers’ comp claim results in a settlement. In rare cases, the claim can end up in court, but this is not the norm.

After suffering an injury at work in Mississippi, you may wonder, How much is the average workers’ comp settlement in Mississippi?

Unfortunately, we cannot accurately gauge average workers’ compensation settlement amounts because every case is different. However, Harris Law Firm, LLC, can offer you some tips on what affects settlement amounts and how to maximize your claim.

Why Is There No Average Workers’ Comp Settlement Amount?

The truth is, it’s complicated. There is no average settlement amount that we can give you because there is no average workers’ compensation settlement. Every case, every claim, and every workers’ comp settlement is unique, so it’s impossible to give an average workers’ comp payout amount.

If the same claim were filed twice, the case could settle for a different amount each time. There are, however, a couple of key factors that can impact a settlement’s final amount.

What Affects Settlement Amounts?

Generally, the most key factors that affect a settlement’s final amount center on damages. First, the type of damages involved in a claim can impact a settlement’s final amount.

The type of damages also has an impact on how predictable a final settlement amount is for workers’ compensation.

Economic Damages

A claim for economic damages only, for example, will be easier to predict than one involving non-economic damages. This is because economic damages are tangible and have a specific value. The price of doctor bills and missed wages is a set, tangible amount in a given case.

Further, claims of these sorts of damages have concrete evidence to back them up.

Non-economic Damages

This is not the case for non-economic damages. Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are intangible. Non-economic damages include things like the cost of a loss of a relationship or mentorship.

They also include things like pain and suffering and various forms of emotional trauma.

It’s hard to place a value on these losses because they are inherently subjective. There are also more difficult to prove. Because they are subjective, it is difficult to predict their value accurately.

This is entirely different from economic damages. Thus, if your claim involves non-economic damages, it will be more difficult to make an accurate prediction of your final settlement amount than if your claim involves economic damages only.

The extent of damages is another major factor in a final settlement amount. The more damages, the higher the final settlement.

A workers’ comp claim for a cut that is treated by non-emergency medical personnel, for example, will have a relatively small final settlement amount when compared with an accident where someone’s legs are crushed by machinery.

Still, it is impossible to predict the settlement’s final amount in either case accurately. 

Do You Need to File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

If you suffered an injury at work and need help filing your workers’ comp claim, contact us at Harris Law Firm, LLC. While we can’t measure the average workers’ comp settlement in Mississippi, we can give you an idea of what your individual claim may be worth.

Our experienced workers’ comp lawyers will fight to get you the best worker’s comp settlement possible. We are here to help, so contact us today for a free case review. 


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