Representation for Clients After Auto Collisions

In the state of Mississippi, auto accidents are all too common as a result of a variety of factors, from distracted drivers to roadway defects and poor weather conditions. You would hope that with car accidents being so prevalent, drivers on the road around you would be more careful and respectful towards other drivers. However, this is often not the case; if you have found yourself injured as a result of a car accident, you should seek counsel from a competent Greenville personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of Filing a Lawsuit

At Harris Law Firm, PLLC, our Greenville, MS car accident attorneys are here to help you recover a settlement to cover the bills and expenses you incur after your accident. We know how stressful the physical and emotional aspects of being involved in an accident can be. Choosing the right attorney to represent you is absolutely vital to the outcome of your case, including seeing that the responsible person is held accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

A few of the most common examples of negligence which lead to car accidents include speeding, failing to signal properly, using a cell phone or texting, distracted driving, tire blowouts and failing to obey the traffic laws. With so many cars on the road, the laws are essential to preventing any car accidents. If you believe the other driver was at fault for your accident, there are certain factors which need to be proven.

A few different types of car accidents we have represented include:

  • Drugged/drunk driving accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Defective part auto accidents
  • Single-vehicle accidents

Our Greenville car accident lawyers are highly experienced at representing clients after you have been involved in serious collisions. We firmly believe that you should not have to fight through the steps of filing a lawsuit while you are recovering from severe injuries. Our team can investigate the scene of the accident, gather evidence, and take care of the interactions with the insurance company. We do not charge fees unless we win.