When man’s best friend turns out to be less than friendly, there can be serious consequences. It’s important to understand Arkansas dog bite laws to help you move forward with a potential lawsuit. Harris Law Firm helps injured dog bite victims throughout the state of… Read on

Mar 10, 21 // Posted in Articles & Advice

In Mississippi, those who are injured in accidents through no fault of their own are often eligible to recover damages compensating them for related losses. In most cases, plaintiffs should strongly consider retaining an experienced car accident attorney who can help guide them through the… Read on

Aug 21, 19 // Posted in Articles & Advice

While your first concern after a dog bite is getting medical treatment, there will come a point that you’ll think about your rights and whether you can sue for your losses. Your questions are legitimate, and many other victims share them. According to a March… Read on

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The majority of dogs truly earn their nickname as “Man’s best friend,” but there are some that can be aggressive and unpredictable. Unfortunately, dog bites and attacks happen with alarming frequency in the US, according to statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association: ● More… Read on

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